Everything You Need To Know About Spray Foaming


There are many popular techniques being used in roof insulation these days but the spray foam roofing system is booming among homeowners. The most important foam material being used by most roofing contractors support polyurethane foam.

What is polyurethane foam?

It is a mixture of two liquid elements- an isocyanate and polyol resin.  Professionals apply this mixture using a team of spray foam equipment like a proportioner, heated hoses, transfer pumps and spray gun. Polyurethane foam is very soft and adaptable and can be applied to any decent roofing system. When the liquid polyurethane foam is applied over the affected roofing area, it expands and hardens in no time. After applying this mixture, you will notice a seamless and durable protective layer. After that, the advancing procedure is the application of another protective coating like an elastomeric type of coating.

Should you Perform the Spray Foaming by Yourself?

However, this procedure is very risky and complex and doing it yourself will not be a good idea. It is wiser to call a professional who has worked in this field for a quite a long time. A professional who has adequate training, proper technique and application and years of experience. Only the quality work will determine if the spray foam roofing is providing the desired effects. If you are worried about the labor cost component and planning to do it by yourself, you need to evaluate the situation carefully.


If you believe that the roofing problem is not a complex one and you are confident then you can do the procedure yourself. Having the basic knowledge and skills are enough to accomplish the job. Since you are planning to do it by yourself, you can search the DIY spray foams that are easily available in the market. The most common and affordable are the spray cans. You can either shop them online or any local hardware stores. Now comes the price part, do not worry as it will all depend on the size of the kits. it is advisable to buy a kit with a pressurized spray nozzle or spray gun with extra nozzle tips and foaming chemicals. Before deciding what you are going to buy? try to check internet or tutorial which will guide you what you need to buy, try to acquaint yourself with the best type of kit in the market.

Now comes the part where you have the kit and you are ready to perform the most complex process. The first part is you need to clean the debris perfectly. You just need to follow the instruction and guideline. You also need to make sure about your schedule as the spray roofing depends on the weather. For an ideal application, you have to do the spray foam roofing at the right temperature.

If your roofing needs an extensive protection and covering, assigning the work to the professionals will be a good idea. Do your homework as to which type of foam material you consider the best. Let’s say you choose the SPF system together with a reputable elastomeric brand of coating, now what you need to do is finalize a deal with a dependable roofing contractor for a total project cost which will go easy on your pocket. Your house will enjoy decent room temperature in the midst of hot or cold days, sound and noise will be minimum, wind lift, flame and weather resistance is going to be the bottom line.


If you are looking for a company who offer reliable and accurate Spray Foam Roofing in local listing or internet, type Schrock Commercial Roofing and find more about us. Since you are making a right decision of lowering the consumption in polyurethane, you are also helping the government’s energy security and environmental concerns. We Schrock Commercial Roofing will provide you a team of expert which will give their 100% to satisfy your needs. We look forward to seeing how we can help bolster your building and improve its performance.




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