Reasons For Using Foam RoofFor Home


The traditional technique for roof insulation and repair is the spray foaming roofing system. These days it is one of the most favoured technique among every homeowner because it offers many advantages. What makes it so eminent is the combo of Isocyanate and polyol. After the process of heating it and pumping in a spray gun, it starts its magic. This mixture is then applied to the roof.When the foam dries, it gives your roof an excellent thermal resistance.Spray foam roofing systems present many advantages to the home owners and some of them are:

Awards a Strong and Watertight Seal

This foam forms an airtight seal encompassing the vents, pines and the chimneys. It also makes a waterproof seal that diminishes the chance of water getting into the This makes a waterproof seal that decreases the chances of water getting into the perforation in the cracks. The best feature of this foam is that it does not contract or expand in any weather maintaining a tight seal that cannot be demolished easily.

Excellent Cushioning Qualities

These sprays are marvelous insulators which save you from paying heavy bills. Since they do not have any closure, heat does not leave in the winters and considering they are white in color, it maintains the room temperature to a minimum in summers. They also give you a sound proof atmosphere. If your house in nearby a train station or heavy traffic pass by every minute, this roofing foam will be of great help.

Long Lasting

You will never face any problem with foam roofs unless they are properly maintained. Schrockroof, always advise you to re-coat it every 5 years to maintain the excellent condition.  After re-coating, your roof has life expectancy up to twenty years. You should have no issues with your roof or the foam if maintain the foaming schedule.


Spray foam are easy to be installed over roofing. As some of us worry that after footer-img1-1removing the initial roof might be hazardous as the spray might be full of toxicities.  It is ensuring that these foam is nontoxic and do not emit any harmful fumes during installation.

Attract attention

When your relative and friends come to visit you, they will be impressed after looking at the roof since roof is not always about protection. Foam roofs add value as to your home as they look attractive and can match with different home styles and construction. After installation, It do not fade at all after your roof is exposed to UV rays and remain as good as new for years.

Spray foaming is one part but who will provide you the best spray foaming experience is also important. It is always advisable to gather information from your friends or neighbors. You can also go on the internet and search for past performance of any contract companies. you have to make a wise decision since it is your hard-earned money.

If you are looking for a skilled and qualified spray foam contractor, Schrockroof can surely help you out. With the team of skilled and efficient, you can be sure that you project will be thoroughly completed on time and within the budget.


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